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Fit or Flop

When it comes to finding something to wear while working out, it has been a matter of trial and error for me. I have tried leggings from probably over 15 companies, tennis shoes from over 5 companies, water bottles from over 10 companies, and athletic tops from over 20 companies. I now know which ones helped me keep fit and which one’s were a total flop. I’ve put together a list of fitness apparel and accessory Fits and Flops. I narrowed in on what products gave me my most bang for my buck and which one’s were a waste of money. I also looked at how they hold up over time and through tough workouts. Take a look at some of the products and try them out to see for yourself!317

1. Fit: Lululemon Leggings
         If life gives you lemons, hope they’re lulu! For years I have tried to get away with buying leggings from department store or other brand’s athletic lines, but I’ve never found something that compares to these. With all of the money I wasted on cheap leggings, I could have had a few pairs of Lululemon leggings that I would have been perfectly happy with. The focus here is quality over quantity-you can have 20 cheap, low quality leggings or you can have 4 pairs of long lasting, durable leggings. Also, I think of it as more of an investment, because once your leggings do start to wear down the store will either repair or replace them. This has saved me numerous times when I’ve discovered a hole or pilling on my leggings. Overall I rate these leggings with an A+.312
2. Flop: Leggings from anywhere else
         Leggings from Gap, Reebok, and Victoria’s Secret have all had the tendency to fall down if I am on a long run. During my runs I would stop running to adjust my leggings so many times with these brands that I would make sure to never run in them again afterwards. I also have found that they become somewhat itchy if you get at all sweaty in them-holding in the moisture and not wicking it away.
3. Fit: Nike mid-calf socks
          I have been super impressed with how well Nike’s mid-calf socks hold up while running, weight lifting, and other training. The socks help prevent blisters and rubbing because they cover your ankle from your shoes. They stay in place, don’t slide down, and don’t hold on to sweat. I use these socks whenever I am going to be doing something active.337
4. Flop: Nalgene
             I have used to use a Nalgene whenever I went to the gym, but it broke so fast that I didn’t have it for long. The band that connects the cap to the lid ripped off within the first few months of owning it, and the nozzle’s plastic started to peel off as well. Finally, I didn’t like how big the mouth of the bottle was, I always found it hard to drink out of, especially when you’re in a rush at the gym.
5. Fit: Camelbak
              I have a Camelbak water bottle that has lasted  a long time now and I still love it. The spout is easy to drink out of and apparently people drink more because of that. Camelbak’s website says, “participants drank 24 percent more water than with disposable plastic bottles, 18 percent more water than with reusable metal bottles and 15 percent more than with another reusable plastic bottle.” So, if you’re looking to stay hydrated in order to perform your best, I would choose Camelbak.357
6. Fit: Nike Quarter Zip Pullover
              I recently bought a heather grey Nike quarter zip pullover and was super impressed. It is soft to the touch, light weight, and not bulky at all. It keeps me warm and comfortable on autumn runs. I would also recommend this pullover, because it’s fashionable and functional at the same time. I have worn it just as much in the gym as out of the gym.329
Hopefully this list of Fits and Flops will help you to navigate the world of fitness apparel and accessories. Thanks for reading!img_5769

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