When in Germany…

If you are planning a trip to Europe, the Neuschwanstein Castle must be on your itinerary! This is the very castle that Walt Disney based the Disney castle off of and some of the princess castles on in the movies t00. The castle is amazing from the outside, and includes a fun hike up and around the grounds-perfect for an afternoon picnic might I add.unnamed There’s an indoor tour of the castle, but the man who was building it died during the interior construction, so the exterior will be a little more interesting. However, if you want an indoor tour, there is a smaller castle right next to the Neuschwansein Castle that offers a richer tour, since that is where the builder of the Neuschwanstein Castle actually resided. At the base of the mountain, where the Neuschwanstein Castle sits, are some fun tourist shops and restaurants-these also dot the hike up the mountain as well.
Berlin is a must-see as well! From museums, to malls, to restaurants, the city has endless options. There is a place called museum island(surround by one river that splits), that has 5 different museums as well as multiple historical sites including the Berlin cathedral. The museums were so impressive and were an easy walking distance from each other, making the “museum island pass” a good buy.hgf
If you’re looking for something to eat, the thing to order in Berlin is the currywurst, which is amazing! It had curry on the bratwurst as well as the sauce, which totally changes the flavor from what you usually expect with a bratwurst. The street side shopping is endless, but I would highly advise going to the Berlin mall. It has so many stores to choose from as well as a variety of restaurants in and outdoors-so if ambiance is your thing the Berlin mall definitely has options.
While in Berlin we also went to “Check Point Charlie” which was a small site but full of History. After that we visited the West Gate and the Berlin Wall, which surprisingly is still in tact for the most part. Both of these sites made me feel extremely patriotic and helped me learn more about America’s involvement with Germany after WWII happened. kgckmvb
Another site I would highly recommend, if you have the time, is Potsdam. Potsdam is a city about 20 minutes outside of Berlin that was constructed by Frederick the Great, former king of Prussia. gfshgfxThe landscape is dotted with huge palaces, gardens, and galleries. Going to Potsdam definitely takes the whole day with all of the walking and meals, which you can have at the restaurants on site, but totally worth it.unnamed
The sprawling gardens, tea house, summer palace, winter palace, etc. will leave you in a fairy tale land that Frederick the Great created. There are even some art galleries and a windmill with a view of all of the gardens.tygc As you walk through the gardens, there are hidden buildings like the “Temple of Friendship” which are quite ornate but possibly only used for picnics or hanging out with friends. The grounds were breath-taking just like the palaces; with so much to see here you can’t miss it!jdjfx
Finally, we went on a river cruise that was a blast! We were able to see the beautiful city and the surrounding areas by water, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There was a buffet and drinks included, so you can have seconds or even thirds while taking in the scenery. The benefit of seeing things by boat is that you can cover a lot of ground…or water in a short amount of time. So, save an evening to enjoy Berlin from the water, your feet will thank you!jsfd

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