Maui Must Do’s

Welcome to Maui!

As you get off the plane you are greeted by 85 degrees and a leis ( how could you not like this place). Traveling to a new place can be overwhelming and stressful at times. So much to do and see and so little time. So here is a few helpful tips for you of you planning a trip to paradise.


1.Where to get the best eats:


Food glorious food. On vacation there is absolutely no calorie count for me, so this is not going to be a low carb, low-fat list, but you can’t have everything.

This is breakfast at Leoda’s, note the pie in the background. They are famous for their pies, but their food stands up just fine all by itself. They also have amazing sandwiches and a killer side of fries with a house made aoli for lunch. Another great aspect of this restaurant is that its farm fresh and they use local ingredients as much as possible. If you are looking for a fresh taste of Maui this is a great place to go.

A second place that I would highly recommend to get some amazing food is Da Kitchen. Don’t let the laid back appearance of this place fool you. The food that comes out of the kitchen is a modern twist on traditional, ethnic, Hawaiian dishes. Now that you have had some food, what should you explore?!

2. How to see the best views:


I would defiantly recommend going to the summit of Haleakala and watching the sunrise. This experience was one of my absolute favorites. We planned to go on the first morning that we were in Maui and use jet lag to our advantage, thus making the 4 am wake up call not as brutal.

I would suggest looking up the time of the sunrise when you are there. You will want to get up early enough to make it to the summit with plenty of time before the sun begins to rise.

An absolute must see/do is the road to Hanna. Not to sound cheesy, but this adventure is truly in the journey and not the destination. Hanna itself is cool, but not worth the drive. The hiking, waterfalls, beaches, along the road are breathtaking.

3. Where to go for the best tours: 


I highly suggest the guidebook MAUI REVEALED. It takes you along the road by mile marker and points out all the interesting sites along the way. You will need an entire day to do this, so just be ready for the commitment. If you are crunched for time you can as we did tag the Pipiwai trail onto the end. This beautiful trail includes a bamboo forest and a 200 ft waterfall at the end.

Do not forget to go snorkeling while in Maui. I have been snorkeling several times in the Caribbean and was always underwhelmed. The snorkeling in Maui is amazing. There are many expeditions that you can go on and I am sure they are fabulous. But if your like us and just want to snorkel/hang out on the beach.IMG_2206


Lastly, if you go to Maui, do not miss out on the whale watching. These majestic giants come all the way down from Alaska on a yearly basis to mate and give birth. The whale population peeks in February. Captain Steve’s is a great company to go with. (

Overall if you are going to Maui, it is paradise, you are going to have a blast no matter what you do.

Just remember to have fun, you’re in Hawaii!


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