Perfect Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea

In case you haven’t heard, Mother’s day is just around the corner! So, let this be your warning: Don’t forget to do something special for her because we all know she deserves it! Every year, around Mother’s Day, I think, “How can I spoil my Mom, make her feel special, but stay within my budget?” My thoughts usually lead me to crafting! (I mean, I’ve been doing that since I was 5 and she has always seemed to like it, so why stop now?!) Then reality sinks in. First, I am not really gifted artistically, so sadly, the drawing that she received from me in the 6th grade might have been my peak. Next, I look up cute homemade gifts on the all-knowing Pinterest and quickly realized 99% of them require me to sew. Ha, ya, like that’s going to happen. Finally, the majority of the other ideas out there are either a) too time consuming or b) too expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time and money on my Mom, when I can. I just know sometimes you can be short on time, money, and need some creative inspiration. So, here is my solution to all these problems: Succulent Teacups! These little treasures cost no more than $4 each to make and this literally took less than five minutes to throw together.

Step One: Gather all your supplies. Lucky for us, Mother’s Day is in the spring and garden centers are filled with succulents just waiting to be planted. I was able to go to a local hardware store and pick these up for $3 a piece.Edited-1012129Step Two: Choose your planter. I chose teacups because I thought they were feminine and cute. You could do mason jars, or terracotta planters as well. Be creative with it! I found my teacups at Goodwill for around 50 cents a piece! Gotta love the Goodwill!Edited-1462534372664Step Three: Go outside and scoop up some good ol’ fashioned dirt. A little dirt never hurt anyone, so dig in and transplant the succulents in your planters. You may need a little extra potting soil depending on the size of the planter you use.Edited-1012131Step Four: Finally, shower your Mother! Give these little cuties to your Mom. She will love them! Ultimately, remember she is your Mom, she’s amazing, and will love whatever gift you give her. Happy Mother’s Day!Edited-1462534387239

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