Oh Baby!

Who is ready for a little DIY inspiration? How many of you have seen adorable nurseries on Pinterest and have been curious how you can do that on a realistic budget. DIY is the answer to that! When we found out that we were expecting out little one this past year I hit the Pinterest boards hard, rolled up my sleeves and got to work.img_5942

The first way that I saved some money and added some character to the nursery was by re-purposing my changing table. Originally it was a vanity, but I cleaned it up put new liner in the drawers and secured my changing pad on top so it was safe for baby.img_5954

Another DIY, which I have to thank my husband for, are the floating bookshelves on the walls. I wanted a way to store books that wasn’t your classic bookshelf. I wanted a functional way to display them yet allow my little one to reach them. My husband just screwed together a couple of boards and made these for me in around 20 minutes. I painted them with the left over trim paint and ta-da! beautiful, simple bookshelves. It honestly turned out better than I expected. They add so much color and life to the wall. I added a couple of decorative accents and it has quickly become one of the favorite parts of the room.img_5947

The Oh BABY sign is up-cycled as well. My wonderful sister in law made it as a decoration for one of my showers and I added the poms myself. DIY tissue poms by the way are way more time consuming than all the DIY sites tell you they will be. But I digress. They were a cute inexpensive way to add a little something to the room.img_5946

If any of you out there have had a baby you know that everyone and their sister gives you a baby blanket. I’m not complaining, I absolutely love them, and it is so fun snuggling our little one up in all of the blankets. But with a plethora of new blankets, also comes the complex question of how to store them. I wanted to see them and be reminded of all the time and love that went into many of these homemade blankets. I went on the hunt and found a cute gold wire basket to hold/display them. And couldn’t be happier.img_5944

Lastly, just some fun things that I incorporated around the room were a basket to store toys, a little chair to read and play in, a picture from Etsy, and a star to fill the space in the long dormer. img_5943

In the end, when it comes down to it, we spent right around 150 dollars on renovating the nursery ( the crib and chair were gifted to us). So I hope this post has served as a little inspiration for you. Get out there, DIY, and be creative. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to have a great looking nursery.


*Product Spotlight*

Some of our favorite baby products that we found along the way during this decorating process were made by Ruby Lama Goodies and Baby Preferred. Ruby Lama Goodies makes the cutest little accessories from pillows to baby clothes hangers. Every item is handmade and absolutely adorable. The Ruby Lama Goody we invested in was an apple shaped baby pillow, perfect for any crib or chair in your nursery. Go check them out at:

Baby preferred was the other brand where we found an amazing product. They sell teething pads for Baby Bjorns that work fabulously. Our little one can’t help but nom on the Baby Bjorn, and these little pads save the Bjorn from getting damaged. I would highly recommend getting one of these! You can find them on Amazon:

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