Back to College Must Haves

It’s that time of year again where we trade pools for planners, tanning for textbooks, and sunglasses for studying. It’s back to school! Whether you are a freshman or a senior, it’s time to double check if you have everything you need for the school year!

When I was going into my first year of college, I dusted off an old suitcase and was ready to jam it full of things I would need for college. I had no idea where to start, but I knew that I wanted to be prepared for living away from home. However, it took a few months/years to figure out what supplies worked best with the college lifestyle. So, I put together a packing list of the most important things to bring to college that may not be on the school supplies list. Each item below is linked to the product I found worked best for the college lifestyle!

Dorm Life

Storage Ottoman: There is always a lack of seating and storage in cramped dorms, and this is the perfect solution for that

DIY Wall Art: Making your own decorations makes your dorm room for personal and homey IMG_4362



Exfoliating Face Wash: You will love starting your day feeling fresh and clean

Facial Cleansing Wipes: Perfect for those late nights when you’re too tired to leave your bed and walk to the sink to wash your face

Toiletry Caddy: If you have communal bathrooms, this is a must

Bathrobe/wrap: For walking to and from the bathrooms







Passport Case: For all that studying abroad and spring breaking you’ll do

Umbrella: For walking to class on rainy days

Lunch Box: For packing lunches for internships, clinicals, or student teaching










Polaroid Camera: To document all of the amazing memories

Wristlet: To hold your school ID, phone, and credit card-no one wants to look like a freshman with a lanyard






Planner: To keep your social and school work calendars organized


Journal: For sorting out those non-school thoughts and ideas


Backpack: When you don’t have time to go back to your dorm, you’ll need a quality backpack to pack your life in


Laptop Cover: Trying to get your laptop to last through college is tough, but having one of these will definitely help



Portable Charger: For when your phone is dead and you need to take a selfie


Thermal Travel Mug: For those classes you can’t get through without coffee


Tumblr Mug: When it’s hot out, but you still need that coffee, so you make it iced







Rain Boots: For walking to class when it’s down pouring

Rain Jacket: If you want to keep things besides your feet dry, you’ll need this

Tennis Shoes: For working off that freshman 15 😉

Gym Bag: For when your gym is on the other side of campus

Snow Boots: If you live in the tundra like I do, you know the misery of getting slush in your shoes



Snow Jacket: So you don’t freeze on the way to class872


Birkenstocks: For those long days you MUST be comfortable


And last but definitely not least, a great outfit to help you jump into the new school year!856

Now that’s what I call a packing list! Hopefully this list was helpful, and gave you some ideas of what you might need. Happy packing!





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