Eye Make-up Do’s and Dont’s

    For the most part, we all do our make-up in the morning before we head off to our busy days. Whether it’s in the office or out with friends, we want to look lively and awake, despite the fact that we really needed an extra 10 minutes…or 10 hours of sleep. However, the way we apply our make-up can cause us to look more tired than we actually are. Eye make-up is one of the main things we use to brighten up our faces in the morning, but sometimes our make-up ends up hurting our cause rather than helping it. So, I’ve found 3 easy eye make-up tricks that help to do just that.



Concealer Tip

Wrong way: Apply directly under eyes in a half moon shape. This is shown on my right eye in this picture.

Right way: Apply in a triangle shape downward from the eyes. This goes along with the natural shading on your face and will more effectively hide under-eye dark circles. This is shown on my left eye in the picture.

In the picture below this one I kept these concealers exactly how they are and blended them in. You can definitely notice more dark circles under my eyes on the right side of the picture.





Eyeliner Tip

Wrong way: Apply black eyeliner all the way around eyes, connecting at each corner. Fully encircling your eyes with black liner will cause them to look more tired. This is shown on my right eye in the picture.

Right way: Apply black eyeliner on the top lid, brown eyeliner on the lower lid, and white/cream on the waterline; this will open up your eyes rather than close them. This is shown on my left eye in the picture.






BeFunky Collage


Eye Shadow Tip

Wrong way: Apply a single color evenly over the entire lid. It may be a quicker option, but won’t shape your eyes very well. This is pictured on the left of the photo.

Right way: Apply a darker color on the outer corners and along the brow bone. Next, highlight the middle part of the lid with a lighter color to make the eyes appear bigger. This is pictured on the right side of the photo.



Hopefully these tips are as helpful to you as they have been to me. Be sure to try them out in your morning routine to find out! Thanks for reading!

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    March 26, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    I NEED to try this! I am so guilty of rushing my eye make-up to get out the door for work!

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      March 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm

      I’m glad you liked it Laura! I am the same way haha!

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