Coffee and Coconut Oil Scrub

Coffee grounds and coconut oil are a great option for a facial moisturizer and exfoliator. Putting coconut oil on your skin may sound scary at first, because the word “oil” makes people think that it will cause your skin to break out. However, coconut oil is a different type of fat that gives skin an even tone and reduces the appearance of pores. It also contains anti-aging properties and vitamin-E, which heals any past scars or marks on the skin. Besides being a great exfoliator, coffee grounds can tighten skin, brighten skin, and reduce any inflammation. Also, coffee is full of antioxidants that will prevent premature skin aging.

Step 1: Heat up 1 cup of all-natural, organic coconut oil until it reaches a liquid texture

Step 2: Add coffee grounds until a paste is made

Step 3: Transfer the mix to a tupperware for future use

Step 4: Use daily along with regular facewash as an exfoliator and moisturizer

When using the scrub, simply wet down your face with warm water to start opening up your pores. Then take a little bit of the mixture out and put it in your hand to begin scrubbing. Rub it on your face for about a minute and then wash it all off with water. Pat your face lightly with a towel to dry and voilà your skin will feel amazing. I have used this scrub numerous times and it never fails to totally rejuvenate my skin. It will help reduce breakouts and moisturize your skin at the same time. Coffee grounds and coconut oil make the perfect pair as a facial scrub, so try it out, your skin will thank you!image2


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