2 Minute Contouring Routine

When I’m getting ready in the morning I try to take as little time as possible, so I can sleep as long as possible. So, having the perfect hair and makeup every day is hard to achieve. The more I learned about makeup, the longer it took me to get ready, because I was trying a bunch of complicated techniques. I wished there was a way to get the look I wanted without spending so much time on it. So I narrowed it down to the necessities, and found a way to have the look while still sleeping in as long as possible.


Contouring seems to take the longest if done perfectly, but I’m ok with close to perfect, so I figured out a routine to do it in under 2 minutes. This routine still gives the look of contouring without the time and the hassle. Contouring really boosts a makeup look and highlights a person’s natural beauty, so it’s nice to have that extra confidence when I’m starting out the day. Hopefully, this routine will brighten up your makeup look while cutting down the time that it takes!

IMG_0213First, I put on all of my makeup except for my face powders. Then the magic begins! I take a bronzer and brush it on from my temple, along my
forehead, and then to my other temple. Next, I brush the bronzer along my chin line and blend it down to my neck. Then I take the bronzer and brush it under my cheek bones. Finally, to finish it off, I brush two thin lines of the bronzer on either side of my nose. After doing this, you may think you look like you’re putting on stage makeup or a Halloween costume, but don’t stop hear, it’ll all blend together.


Taking my blush, I brush it along the apples of my cheeks in a downward motion. This should line up right above the bronzer, but do not blend the two yet.

IMG_0214Next, I take my powder foundation to sweep over all of the place that don’t have powder on them yet. Then I lightly blend everything else in with my powder foundation to give it a more natural look. After the perfect amount of blending you should have a contouring look that appears natural. Hopefully this tip will transform your 5 minute rush routine and give you the extra confidence (and sleep) you need for the day!

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